Treble Clef silver


“Asymmetrical” Treble Clef earrings

Reach twinkling high notes with our flagship Treble Clef earring design. Heavily inspired by the movements of modern sculpture, this melodic piece is one of our most popular offerings. Made up entirely of complex bends, curves and deflections, this intricate piece is perfect for any outing.


Wearers can utilize a single earring for a staccato accessory statement, or bring true harmony to their outfit with an asymmetrical pair of clefs, bringing composition and placement to any wardrobe.

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks


Size & Weight

Large: 4.8 cm (L) , 2.4 cm (W) / 7.5g

Small: 2.8 cm (L) 1.3 cm (W) / 3.1g

Material: 925 silver, Fresh water Pearl

Made in Belgium and handcrafted in Germany

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Treble Clef silver

Treble Clef silver

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