Brand Story


The Evolution of the Brand

suisuee [suisui:] is the creation of Munich based architect & designer, Suee Chang. With her extensive background in architecture, the transition to being a designer was a natural expression of her bent of mind. Since then, her work has been showcased in Korea, Italy and Germany. During the pandemic of 2020, Suee Chang decided to follow her life-long dream and start her own jewelry brand built on a lifelong appreciation for bijouterie and fine artisanal goods.


Suee Chang’s first tentative steps into jewelry were engendered by a personal desire to own high quality jewelry with timeless designs. Left unsatisfied by the contemporary jewelry scene, she set off to craft her own customized jewelry. In her efforts to transform architectural shapes into unexpectedly wearable designs, Suee Chang has been inspired and influenced by artists like Kerry Vesper and Zaha Hadid. With her expertise in architecture and design, her pieces instantly attained a presence and a form that have further pushed her work towards excellence.


Fluidic Design – Beauty, forged from metal

At a specific point of her evolution as a jewelry artist, including her cooperation with a local goldsmith in a small city studio, Suee Chang created suisuee, a cohesive, independent brand for marketing works that stand out in the world of contemporary jewelry and are designed to articulate the individuality of their wearer.

Today, suisuee marches forward, issuing from a small, one-person studio with full control over the production of every piece ready to be shipped. Using a unique combination of design experience, 3D design techniques and printing technology, suisuee presents timeless pieces that can be valued for a lifetime.